Sofa Repairs

Sofa Repairs – One thing that we all look out in a living room is comfort. The Sofa Makers  provides one of the best Sofa Repair This comfort comes from the furniture you choose for your living room. Sofas are one of the most comfortable seating furniture’s. The sofas change the appearance of the whole living room.

We are a one-stop shop to get all your sofa repairs do at your convenience.
Performing an excellent repair of a leather sofa with taking care of delicate crinkles.
Bring life to your torn, raged and a cast of sofas We help you match your sofa fabrics with your interiors.
Rectifying the loosened Sealing and covering.
Make your sofa extra cozy by adding the right amount of foam.
Fixing new attachments and bringing up the suspensions.

  • Sofa Arm Change
  • Reupholster Of Sofa
  • Modular Sofa Repairing Service
  • Office Sofa Dry Repair Service
  • Sofa Recliner
  • Storage Sofa
  • Sofa Cum Bed
  • Sofa Chair Repairing Service

We assure our customers to get the best quality materials within budget limit. We always use best quality. Sofa repair has its own outstanding benefits. We make sure that sofa design should be comfortable to our customers. We are well known in the market for sofa services. For further Information contact us +91 8639706925