Sofa Upholstery–  Call 8639706925.  You always want to transfer this comfortable piece of furniture into something more beautiful and more natural to sit and relax. With this facility, you can customize your sofa in any way you want it.  Especially, Sofa Upholstery makes your sofa looks like a brand new and will save your lot of money.

Our Professionals delivers the adequate job to mend your old sofa. We can do every possible change in your old or torn sofa. Moreover, Even the modification will bring out extra luxury and comfort. We also have an equipped team of sofa specialists on call to attend to your squashy couches, torn cushions or ripped seams at all times.

We change places, houses, insides and as we probably am aware change is just steady. As indicated by our insides we like to change our furniture as well so our home look vintage, however is it extremely obligatory to change the whole furniture in light of the fact that the Color isn’t coordinating? No. Truly you heard me right, since you changed the shade of your divider you don’t need to change the entire couch since you can simply change the upholstery and utilize the regular old couch which you like the most.

Sofa Upholstery service includes:

  • We give a new shape to your furniture by removing the jammed and stuffed foam
  • We add foam, cotton and fiber to make your old furniture look new
  • Adding blue ribbons to your sofas to bring out their uniqueness
  • Our sofa makers leather and stitching experts give a new look to your leather furniture